Paperclip and ImageMagick for images in Rails

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May 7, 2015

Paperclip is a Rails gem which allows to upload and manage images. It requires ImageMagick library to work.




ImageMagick installation

Use following commands to install ImageMagick on Ubuntu:

More information about ImageMagick you can find on official website.


Paperclip installation

Paperclip is a Rails gem. Add to Gemfile:

And run bundler:


Paperclip usage

Paperclip allows to add easily the image feature to any model. For example, we can add Logo to Restaurant model:

This command will generate migration, which we need to run:

In model (in our case is Restaurant) add few settings and validation:

You can also set up pathurl and few others. See more on GitHub.

You may need to add also to config/environments/development.rb:

Below are short examples how to use images in different views:

New/Edit View


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Tomasz AntasPaperclip and ImageMagick for images in Rails