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Nov 12, 2015

Post is about grouping objects inside parent groups.

Let’s assume that there is the Task model and it includes fields: name, description, task_status, user.

The goal is to get all Tasks firstly grouped by task_status. Then inside of each group, we group again by user attribute.

The goal is to achieve following structure:




Following Rails instruction allows us to get desired result:

You may prefer to modify code above. For example, if you want use whole object in mapping as a key, you can remove “.name”.

If you want preview the structure of @tasks_grouped_by_status_and_users, you may display it temporary in view as json:

Then open view in web browser and object as a JSON should be placed in view. You can copy it and display in nice format in one out of the online JSON viewers (like

Tomasz AntasRails: Grouping inside groups…
  • Iris Panabaker

    I would also recommends and for JSON test , Save and Share JSON Data

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  • sonu

    @tasks_grouped_by_status_and_users = Task.all.group_by {|t| t.task_status }.map { |k,v| [k, v.group_by { |s| s.user}.map { |t,r| [t, r]} ] } this work