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Jan 10, 2015

Many projects require to run maintenance tasks, which allow to make database backups or run custom scripts. Rails is supported by whenever gem cooperating with cron – time-based job scheduler in Unix systems.



Whenever gem allows to create a schedule for custom scripts in 3 easy steps. Firstly, we create and save custom task in lib/tasks directory. Secondly, we have to define when this custom task should to be run. We do this in schedule.rb file. Finally, we export scheduled task to cron - Unix tool which trigger automated tasks.



Add following line to Gemfile:

And run bundler:

In next step, use following command:

Above command should create all necessary files in rails project.


Create task

In example, we create a task which will delete all records older than today from database. Create delete_old_records.rake file in lib/tasks:


Schedule task

In config/schedule.rb file, we can define when the task should to be run. If we want to run task every night at 3:00, we have to do something like this:


Register task in cron

Our task has to be triggered by cron. So we have to export our task from Rails project to this Unix system tool (cron) by command:

Now, you can use following command to check that the task is registered properly in cron:

If you want to verify that your task is working correctly, you can also run rake task without cron:




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